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Pair of Rookwood Pottery rare Vases with Oxblood glaze 1949 date 1321E size

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A pair of beautiful Rookwood Vases  
with the Oxblood translucent Gloss Glaze. 

We have included several photos of the vases
in order to show the different variations of
the Oxblood Glaze which is known to run thin
on different areas of the vessels.

The jars are undecorated which is traditional 
in  their Commercial line. 

The vases have the Rookwood Flame Logo Mark
on the underside, which dates the piece to 1949.
The size is noted by the 1321E mark next to the logo.

Appx. Dimensions  Height 3 3/4" and about 3 1/2" in diameter.

Condition:  The vases are in very good original condition with no apparent losses.
                  Loc. F   id.  60

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