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Peter Max 1968 High Top Tennis Shoes Originals by Randy Co. Iconic Pop Art Rare

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Used : Lightly worn. Age related foxing. See complete condition description in the text.

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We're offering an iconic pair of Peter Max High Top Tennis Shoes.
This an Original pair of Peter Max, Psychedelic, Pop Art, High Top Sneakers dating to 1968.
They were manufactured by Randy Mfg. Company. inc.
Peter Max is one of the art world's most famous Graphic and Illustration Artists.
He is a true Pop Culture Icon of the Cosmic 60's.
He was best known for his psychedelic and colorful designs.
Size: US 12 (Twelve)
Material: Cotton Canvas and Rubber 
This pair of Pre-Owned Peter Max High Top Sneakers are in lightly worn condition.
There is age related foxing. This foxing can be cleaned. No Odors. 
The rubber sole of the shoes are lightly worn. 
Left shoe is missing two aluminum breathing hole grommets.
 laces are intact. rubber is still flexible and not cracked. (SEE PHOTOS)
*Because of the many questions about the nature of the brown spots on this item we are providing some additional information.  

Listed with
These shoes are cool, just hard to tell what kind of stains are on the canvas? How long have you had them and did you ever try cleaning?" 
Humidity will cause this sort of "foxing" on fabrics. I believe that this is the case here. In the California coastal community of San Diego it is no surprise to see evidence of this sort of issue on old fabrics. First, let me say: The shoes are stable, the spotting is not spreading. They are stored in a well ventilated area. 
There are various methods to remove "foxing" from vintage cloth and we have not attempted any of them. 
My suggestion to the purchaser is to consult Google as well as a professional cleaner before attacking the spots. 
My professional opinion is that the spots can well be removed. And frankly, these Peter Max sneakers are worth the restoration. I can not imagine the cleaning procedure would be expensive; one must simply be advised of the correct approach before beginning the process. These Peter Max Originals have significant collectible value which can only increase over time.  The shoes will remain in the "as found" condition. This is the safest way to go for me. A little bit of research will go a long way for the new owner. Thanks for asking and best wishes, - Mission Gallery Antiques