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Pre WWI Imperial German Stummel Pipe, Regiment No. 99, Wilhrelm Imhoff Cassel

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a German Imperial Regiment Stummel pipe, pre WWI. 
This pipe was presented as a souvenir to infantry members 
of the 99th Regiment of the Imperial Army. 

The stummel pipe is porcelain with beautiful hand painted script, 
along with a painting of 3 servicemen under a coulmun embracing
with a man and woman on either side. A raised wreath with acorns 
borders this scene. 

A section of Goethe's "Gesänge des Harfners" poem is above the eagle, 
and is slightly modified to refer to the bravery of the reservists. 

The lid of this pipe bowl is shaped like a pickelhaube helmet. 
This bowl is marked with a Willhelm Imhoff Cassel mark on the stem. 

The backside has a list of the men comprising the regiment,
in beautiful hand-painted script. 

This pipe has a lovely original red, yellow, and black string which 
connects to the rest of the pipe. 

The rest of the pipe is rather long, and is comprised of various pieces that
screw together, made of wood with some staghorn and metal. 

A plaque mounted onto the long wood section reads:

if the fatherland will call us again one day, 
whether reservist or militiaman, 
we will lay down work and then follow our flags.

Below this plaque, in the wood is another Wilhelm Imhoff Casell mark. 
Imhoff was mainly known as a pipe maker but also decorated Reservist steins.

This is a very interesting pre-WWI German Imperial pipe. 


This pipe is mostly intact, except for a few missing connector pieces. 
Some cracks and losses to wood and horn.
The wooden stem can use restoration. The helmet lid has some
damage as seen in photos. Please see all photos for complete description. 

Approx. Dimensions:

Pipe Bowl Length: 6 3/4"
Assembled Length: Approx. 48"                  ID. 50     LOC. S   

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