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Rare 1910's German Art Deco Gilt Porcelain Sport 4 Tray Set with Original Box.

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1910's German Art Deco Gilt Porcelain Sport Tray Set with Original Box.

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A really bright and fun set of 4 small sports-themed porcelain dishes, 
made around the 1910's-1920's in Germany in their original box. 
These appear to be very rare as we can't find any other examples.

These are hand gilt and have brightly printed scenes of sports on them, 
which were rising to prominence as media and cities were developing. 

There are three different designs, and on of them repeats on two different dishes. 
One is Tennis themed, the other is Nautical, and a final one is Golf related. The
edges all bear a geometric pattern of color blocks.

They are made of porcelain, and on the underside are marked Germany
and have the numbers 314 imprinted in them. One is not marked Germany, 

Approx. Dimensions: 

Length: 3 5/8"
Width: 2 1/4"
Height: 1/2"

Box dimensions:

Length:  9 3/4"
Width:    4"
Height:   3/4"

Condition: In good age-related condition. Box has some losses, 
and there is mild wear to the paint of the trays, but they are still in great condition.

LOC.     D                                           ID. 35