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Rare Authentic Early 19th. Century Medical Usage Pandemic Plague Pan

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Rare Authentic Early 19th century Medical Usage Brass Pandemic Plague Pan 

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device known as a plague pan. We've never had an authentic plague pan in the forty years we've been in business.  

This early 19th. century, two handled device was created originally for the usage in sick rooms. People thought impure air caused the disease and could be cleansed by smoke and heat.
The holes in the plague pan allowed the coals and embers to breath. The plant material (evergreen and herbs) would then ignite and thus the smoldering would occur. The attending medical aid would carry this smoky (believed to be) disinfectant into the sick rooms. 
This plague pan has feet and two short arms, (see pictures) a feature that would never accommodate the purpose for warming the bed.  Bed warming pans never had holes. Holes would have brought unnecessary smoke into the bed when heat was all that was desired. Hot coals were placed in bed warming pans, the lid (with no holes) closed and used just long enough to warm under the covers. The single long handle easily slid under the blankets.
Many of the early "bed warming pans" were repurposed as plague pans. Holes were punched into the top (at a later date) to release the smoke and thus turning it into a plague pan. 
Notice the three circular "fenced" locations within this authentic plague pan. This was necessary to secure the embers. The plant or herbs to be ignited were placed strategically for maximum smoldering time.
This plague pan has a brass knob on one handle that when pushed opens the lid. Notice the raised beading around the holes; these holes were not punched in at a later date, these holes were created necessarily for this specific use. 

Approx. Dimensions:
Height: 3 3/4"
Diameter: 10"
Handle to Handle: 20 3/4" - 21"

Two repaired wooden feet on bottom: worn with dents in a much used, age-related condition.
Please see all photos; they are, in fact, the best description of the condition for a complete explanation. 

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