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Rare Shape Late 18th / E. 19th C. Dutch Brass Whale Oil Lamp "Snotneus" Light

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This is a very beautifully crafted early 19th C. Dutch Brass Whale Oil Lamp. 
This particular piece has a very nice unusual shape, which resembles a refined 
candlestick,  which sets this particular one aside from the more crude and plain 
examples more commonly found. There is a very interesting ring atop the base,
that seems to have been added, perhaps as a symbol of a marriage. 
This one comes apart in 4 pieces including the lid. The base is weighted with sand. 
It is complete with a wick. 

Approx. Dimensions:

Maximum width: 7"
Height: 10 3/8"
Total Weight: 772g

Condition: In good age related condition, complete with wick. Some minor dents around the base,
old soldered repair on the receptacle spout. Very presentable and still usable. 
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Loc. F   ID. 60

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