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Roman Antiquity Bronze Shaving Razor Implement, Held by two Falcons 100-300 AD

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A Unique Shaving Implement, a Razor from Antiquity 
the early Roman (100-300 AD) period.
The Iron Blade Shaving razor is being held by two Bronze Falcons.
The two Falcons have fabulous engraved features 
and still have their original green oxidized patina.
With two iron links for hanging.
Expected oxidation for its age on the iron Blade.
To be clean shaven was the status of civility in ancient Roman times.
The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used bronze and iron razors to shave their beards and hair. 
These razors were typically made of iron blades with bronze or copper mounts.

Condition:    This unique ancient Roman shaving Blade Implement is as found, and in very good condition for its age.
                     Please see all photos

Dimensions:   Blade:  2 3/8" across the bottom edge  x 3/4" high
                      With Falcons:   2 1/4" high  x 2 1/4" at the widest point
 Weight:         67 g.

                       loc. F    id. 50

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