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ST Drake's 1860 Amber Cabin Plantation Bitters Bottle Patented 1862 (RARE)

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ST Drake's 1860 Amber Cabin Plantation Bitters Bottle Patented 1860 (RARE)

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A rare patented ST Drake's 1860 plantation bitters bottle. 
The bottle is molded in a log cabin design. Drake’s Plantation Bitters was a very successful brand at that time, and probably exceeded only by Dr. Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters. Drakes Plantation Bitters were advertised to purify, strengthen and invigorate the body. An antidote that could cure fevers, headaches, constipation and strengthen the system and enliven the mind. 

Approx. Dimensions:
Height: 10"
Width: 3"

There is an impact crack on the middle of the log corner of the right side front of the bottle(The 1860's side) The detailed description is because it isnt readily scene, you have to hunt for it. We were able to picture the impact by taking it outside and angleing the bottle so the impact could be caught by the light, otherwise it is hard to notice. 
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