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Very Rare Set of 6 Early 19th Century Ruby Red Wine Glass Rinsers, Regency

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We are offering... An early 19th century regency set of 6 wine rinsers. This was for a table setting of 12, as they were set between two diners. These are all hand blown, and have been a set for a long time, as they all have consistent wear. These are in a bowl shape, setting them apart from the typical cylindrical shape. A wine rinser was traditionally used to rinse and/or chill the diner's wine glass between formal dinner courses. A rinser is placed next to the each place setting at the dining table. The spout is designed to hold the stem of the glass with the wine glass inverted. The shape of these is very rare, and the ruby red color makes it even rarer. Condition: Good original age related condition, minor scuffing showing use and age on the bottom. Only one has an incredibly minor flake on the rim (See 5th picture for flake). Approx. Dimensions: Width: 6" Height: 3" Loc. F ID. 250
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