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Watercolor Gouache by Frank Moss Hamilton (1930-1999) Ghost Town Jerome, Arizona

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We are offering a work by the talented and prize winning artist:  
Frank Moss Hamilton (1930-1999)
  Ghost Town Gerome, Arizona
Frank Moss Hamilton became a noted watercolor painter in California, where he lived in Cambria. He was a teacher at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Between the 1940s and 1970s, he had one-man exhibitions in Laguna Beach at the Festival of the Arts, winning first place awards 1963 to 65. He also exhibited in New York City, at Humboldt State College, the Franklin Mint Yearly Western Show where he won first prize in1972, and the Richmond Art Center. 
Hamilton was a member of the California Watercolor Society. He studied at the University of Kansas and Stanford University, earning a degree in architecture.He also studied watercolor painting with Eliot O'Hara. 
“Work of Promising Young Artists Being Featured in Art Gallery,” Laguna Beach Post, October 4, 1951, page 4, says “Frank Hamilton who hails from Balboa, is a student of architecture, initially at Stanford and now at Kansas University. His etchings have been exhibited in two national print shows at the Laguna Beach Art Gallery, and it was here two years ago that he got his start in watercolor as a student of Eliot O’Hara; but unlike so many of O’Hara’s students he has broken away from the O’Hara technique and established in his watercolors and dry-brush paintings a quality of his own.”
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The painting is in excellent condition. The original frame is fine and the matte looks aged.
Site, 22" x 32"
Framed, 31" x 42"